Roots that run deep.

The Mashuda name has been closely tied with earthmoving since the late 1920's. With nearly 100 years in the industry, nobody knows dirt like we know dirt.
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Tools of the trade.

A person is only as good as their tools. At Mashuda we own, operate and maintain a fleet of time-tested brands - the majority of which are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS technology.
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Downtime makes us cringe.

Between our highly-skilled field mechanics and lube technicians on each job site, and our 60,000 square foot maintenance and storage facilities - downtime has become a thing of the past.
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Safety doesn't happen by accident.

Mashuda Contractors, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to providing and keeping a safe and productive worksite for the benefit of our employees, and the general public.
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About Mashuda Contractors, Inc.

Mashuda. A name synonymous with earthmoving since 1929.
Mashuda Contractors, Inc. is a fourth generation heavy and highway contractor, with our main corporate office and maintenance facilities located in Princeton, Wisconsin.

A majority of our work is serving as the Prime Contractor for highway construction for both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

In addition to our work for the DOT, we provide major grading services for various private owners - including solar projects, landfills, and site work.

Our in-house emphasis is on moving dirt, pipe installation, and aggregate recycling.

Other disciplines such as bridge construction, concrete and asphalt paving are typically sub-contracted out, with job management and project coordination done by Mashuda Contractors, Inc.

To read the full company history of Mashuda Contractors, Inc. visit the history page today.
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Proudly operating the gold standard in heavy equipment and GPS technology.

At Mashuda Contractors, Inc., we know that to take on the biggest jobs, we need the best equipment. That's why we own, operate and maintain our entire fleet of over 125 Caterpillar machines; the gold standard in heavy equipment. In addition, the majority of our finishing machines are equipped with state-of-the-art Trimble Operating Systems, ensuring precision, efficiency and accuracy on each and every job.

We also know that a heavy earthmoving fleet can't operate without great support. The time-tested names of Mack, Kenworth and Peterbilt can be found on our fleet of on-road tri-axle and quad-axle dump trucks, semi tractors, dust control trucks, equipment service trucks, and lube trucks to name a few.

We believe it's imperative to arm our field personnel with great equipment too. Our on-site project managers, site foreman, and survey teams all sport the latest GPS technology with Trimble Rovers. And to drive it all home, our 3D models are all built in-house by our talented engineering department, ensuring that each job is planned, designed and executed to absolute perfection.

For more information about our heavy, support, and GPS equipment, see the equipment page.
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World class equipment and exceptional employees deserve first class facilities.
Corporate Office
Aerial View of Corporate Yard
Inside Main Maintenance Facility

Located on Highway 73 in Princeton, Wisconsin; our corporate office and full-time maintenance facilities are state-of the art, and are among some of the finest in the area. Providing first class facilities to our employees is imperative in organizational success as we utilize these facilities for training, maintenance of equipment, storage, research, and administrative work, among many other things.

With the speed of business today, and the ever-growing demand for technology; our staff is constantly looking for ways to improve our facilities top to bottom. Newly renovated offices, a brand new storage facility, and completely revamped office IT infrastructure are a few ways we're meeting that demand, and is a testament to our commitment to serving our employees while staying ahead of the competition.

To view additional information about our corporate facilities, visit the equipment page.
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Safety Program

A foundation of success is built on a culture of safety.

Mashuda Contractors, Inc. maintains a strong commitment to the safety of all employees; and providing and maintaining a safe and productive worksite for employees and the general public alike. This goes well beyond the scope of just "staying compliant" with various safety regulations.

Job-site safety meetings are held on a regular basis during the working season, and cover general issues as well as very specific-to-the-job issues. All employees are required to attend and input is strongly encouraged, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

All of these efforts truly make a difference as our worker's compensation modifier rating reflects our commitment to safety. For additional information regarding our safety program, and the collaborative effort between Mashuda Contractors and the Wisconsin Operating Engineers, be sure to visit the full safety program page using the button below.

For a complete list of training efforts and the collaborative effort between MCI and the WOE, view the safety programs page.
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DBE Program Advocate

Subcontracting with DBE firms generates opportunities and creates great working relationships.

We are a big proponent of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, both locally, and at the national level. Having promoted various DBE firms' participation on projects since the inception of the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982, Mashuda aims to garner involvement on DOT projects from participating DBE contractors, suppliers, truckers, and consultants alike.

As such, subcontractor and materials quotes from DBE firms are encouraged, and always welcome. If your company is in the DBE program, we would love to have a conversation. Visit the link below to view potential upcoming opportunities, various resources, and other DBE firm-specific information.

To see potential upcoming DBE subcontracting opportunities with Mashuda, check out the DBE Contractors page.
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